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Cloud-Native Architecture

Easy to use, Easy to Manage

  • A completely customizable Student Information System (SIS) to suit any specific requirements of an educational establishment.... This Student Information System, or school administration software, is an information system to support virtual and traditional schools to manage student records and other operational areas. It's capable of recording biographical data for students and staffs, handling admissions, discharges, and transfers to other schools, and recording other student-specific data; Such as registering students into courses, Scoring or grading on Exams or Assessments, generating Transcripts & Report Cards. Building student schedules; tracking student attendance & immunization records. Read more
  • Includes library, billing, scheduling, discipline, cafeteria, and other areas of record management.
  • SOC2 Certification and compliant with FERPA and HIPAA
  • Dynamic reporting system and profile based menu and field permissions makes it simple & easier to work with.
  • SIS as SaaS reduces the burden on the educational entity of installing, integrating, and managing complex enterprise software.
  • SaaS platform is built using modern microservice architecture that can independently and infinitely scale per module.
  • >Achieve better outcomes and be able redirect budget and human resources back to improving educational outcomes instead of managing on-premise software.

Data & Interoperability

  • Reporting and Interpretation:
    • Easy and powerful access to customizable reports, state specific reports and many more using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven insights.
    • Reporting will be an independent tool which can be used for any state specific reporting data
    • ESSA data will be available within few clicks based on groups and sub-groups per state requirement
    • Role based access control for any data field
  • ETL and OData:
    • Consumes the customer data in any form and use it in application or reporting.
    • Tool will be compliant to accept any data for reporting within few clicks
    • Implementation and Interoperability will be easier and faster using the EdFi Alliance Standards

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