Work at Wefivesoft


Our Culture

Our culture is an integral part of who we are, connecting our ideals and purpose together to form our identity. These pillars of our culture directly influence our decisions and actions as a company which enable us to thrive, grow and deliver upon our mission.

One Team, One Mission

We are firm believers that we have far greater access to diverse talent when we support a team structure that allows for in-office and remote work. Those companies who struggle with remote work often do so because of deficiciences in leadership and will to change for the better of their company and workforce. We are proud to say that our team hails from over 15 cities, and 8 states across two countries as of today. Regardless from where one works, productive teamwork is a constant effort of motivation, communication, transparency, trust, and enablement. We make a deliberate effort everyday to make these underpinning qualities integral in our day to day work so that we are all working in the same direction, towards the same mission.

Be a Lifelong Learner

In today's ever-changing world, what you know today is likely to change before you know it. As a software technology company, this is compounded by the fact that technology evolves at an even faster pace. It is hard to keep up with the new hardware, frameworks, protocols, and methodologies out there, therefore in order to keep up and you must be able to adapt and continously learn new things. We don't let egos get in the way of our work here, we let knowledge, debate and facts do the talking. When you work and surround yourself with people love to learn new things, and are passionate, that is when true innovation and progress is born.

Students, Educators, and Parents Drive Us

Our customers are students, parents, educators, and others who tirelessly work to change the world through education. Our purpose is to be a partner to those who believe in education, and our job is to engage, advocate, empower and listen to our customers so that we can build products and services that matter to them. Our work for our customers is never "done" and we are continously determined to keep pushing boundaries in education technology. Every action we take as a company considers how a change or new capability can help change and enable new possibilities which leads to improved education systems and better outcomes for the academic community.

Build a Happy Workplace

Our most important assets are our team members and ensuring that our workplace is an exciting and respectful place to work is something we do not take lightly. A major way we show and practice this mutual respect is by recognizing that the Wefivesoft family does not just include our team members, but their family as well, so we support and trust our team flexibily be able to take care of when work or life calls. We do our best to ensure that our culture is maintained by promoting and keeping each other accountable to our values, for culture is not established just through words, but through our actions.

Our Teams

Truly great things are seldomly done by just one person; They are done by great teams of people. We are true believers that the best teams are the ones that are built on diverse and unique skills and backgrounds that add limitness depth and color to our collective capabilities. Our company is composed of teams of entrepeneurs that sometimes wear a few different hats out of necessity and curiosity, but we acknowledge the fact that we cannot be jack of all trades and masters of none if we are to deliver meaningful results and impactful innovation.

To build and support the aspirations of our company's mission you will find many different teams here, each with their own duties and purpose, but no matter the team we still communicate and work together as one.


The Technology department emcompasses our software engineering and database teams who architect, build and bring our ideas into reality.

What we work on
  • Architect robust software and databases.
  • Build web and mobile applications
  • Bring beautiful, usable, and powerful features to life.
Product Delivery

Product Delivery is responsible for working closely with all of our teams to ensure that we deliver our commitments on time and with absolute quality.

What we work on
  • Manage workstreams and projects using Agile Metholodologies
  • Oversee end-to-end quality for our products and services.
  • Engineer automated functional and performance testing suites.
Technology Operations

Our Technology Operations team is tasked with operational engineering for our products and services to make them resilient and secure.

  • Automate the building, testing, configuration and deployment of our services.
  • Engineer systems and infrastructure that are scalable, reliable and secure.
  • Ensure that internal IT systems and software empower our teams.
  • Oversee our information security, risk management and compliance requirements.

Product makes sure that we are working on the right things at the right time, and ensuring that our roadmap and features are exciting and competitive.

What you will work on
  • Understand our customers' needs and translate them into products and features.
  • Manage our product roadmaps according to customer and market demand.
  • Seamlessly support our customers during implemention or after go-live.
Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing team work to spread the word and seek adopters for our software and services.

What you will work on
  • Oversee our digital marketing strategy and campaigns.
  • Create content that educates and spreads awareness about our products and services.
  • Establish partnerships with schools to adopt our products.

Consisted of HR, Finance, and IT, all vital teams to ensuring that our business operations are efficient and well-supported to do their best work and grow.

What you will work on
  • Oversee fiscal reponsibility and sustainable growth across the company.
  • Ensure our employees are supported and empowered to do their best work.
  • Be amabassadors for our company and attract new talent to grow our team.

Benefits and Perks

  • Fair and Competitive Pay
  • Comprehensive Medical, Vision, & Dental insurance
  • Retirement Plan and Matching Employer Contribution
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Professional Training & Development
  • Proper Equipment and Tools to Support Your Best Work
  • Home Office Stipend for Remote Team Members

Job Openings

Our team is growing and we are searching for colleagues that share our values and culture to join our family. Here at Wefivesoft you will find the freedom and support to imagine and create great work that has the possibility to improve the lives of the education community. We welcome you to apply today to join our team; Your best work awaits.